We supply complete Dumbwaiter kit

Mr Dumbwaiter Idea for restaurants, hospitals or places. The ease and spped of moving objets. Saving time handling. Reduce damage caused by transportation. And cost saving. With regard to the safety satandard and is. Mainly used in hospitals, libraries,restaurants, a small elevator can not carry passaners. Speed to the between 15 to 45 meters per minutes. Our dumberwaiters is samll size, door-out button control elevator, it is fir light materials, food, booksand sundry sendung use in hotel, retaurant, school, libray, warehouse and carbin, etc.

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Lift 01
50kg Residential Lift
Types of Loading

Mr Dumbwaiter Type of dumbwaiter Table loading and floor loading, door panels/steel and framss/steel, painted select as per requirment.

Floor Loading
Mainly using for factory and heavy loading trolly

Table Loading
For office resturent library, hospitals appartment etc

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Loading configuration:.

Front Side Loading
can select as per requirement
Through Opening
select your order detail on Order Form
Adjacent Opening
Door opening select first and 2nd florr back or right.
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