We supply complete Dumbwaiter kit

 About us

Mr. Dumbwaiter  philosophy began in 2007 , Having a 20 years experience in Elevator industry, began providing safety solution and Training to the elevator professional and also start selling Home Elevators, Dumbwaiters and Passenger Elevators.


Mr- Dumbwaiter  maintained the attitude that no matter what products were sold, people were his business, and that people deserved the highest level of service and quality. Mr –Dumbwaiter  is now operating on a international scale, utilizing a registered and highly qualified dealer network, and adding company stores on a regular basis.


We will supply shortage of time complete dumbwaiter.

We will export complete kit to our of Singapore.


Supply Customize dumbwaiter as per customer requirement .

• With Structure

• Without structure      

• Table loading

• Floor Loading